Guardian Angel

The Fox County Forensics Series, Book 8

By Cara Malone

Can she catch a killer before her love becomes his next victim?

A woman is brutally slain and discarded in a secure construction site. She’s discovered wrapped in a silk sheet, wearing nothing but expensive diamond earrings. No one knows how she got there.

When Detective Lena Wolf gets the call to investigate, her department is already stretched thin canvassing a multi-body dump site in the forest at the edge of Fox County. That means she’s going solo to catch the killer.

The very first clue? An ominous call to the Medical Examiner’s Office from a man claiming to know Jane Doe. Receptionist Reese Mitchell uses gossip and pranks to keep the morbid aspects of her job at bay, but when the calls keep coming and the killer setting his sights on her, she can’t keep up that flippant facade. Terrified and helpless, she puts her safety in Lena’s hands.

With everyone else still in the forest, Lena is the only one who can protect Reese. Guarding her night and day, Lena meets the real Reese no one else has, and falls for her.

There’s only one problem. There’s a killer running around Fox County, and he’s picked his next target.

Can Lena throw him behind bars before Reese becomes his latest victim?

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