Handle With Care

By Michele L. Rivera

Newly divorced Quinn Gellar is rebuilding her life—something she never thought she’d be doing in her forties.

A creature of habit, she’s trying to embrace change and go with the unexpected. But when the unexpected appears to her in the form of an alluring bartender, Quinn becomes uncertain of exactly how much change she’s ready to embrace.

Theo Harrington isn’t much of a planner. Still in her twenties, she’s more of a free spirit who sees an experience waiting to be had everywhere she turns. The lost-looking stranger, who shows up at her bar is no exception. But, Theo quickly realizes that Quinn isn’t just an experience she wants to have—she’s the experience Theo’s been unknowingly waiting for.

The connection between Quinn and Theo is immediate and undeniable. Possibly even too good to be true. After all, they do come from different worlds and their hearts bear different marks, but maybe they’re exactly what each other needs…or not.

Once these two women put their connection to the test, will they find that they’re better off without each other, or will they finally decide to close the gap between them?

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