Hard to Please

The Eva & Nadia Series, Book 2

By Cynthia Dane and Hildred Billings

Turns out, a proposal from your girlfriend really is the end of the world

What do you do when the love of your life asks you to marry her? Run, of course!

Precious pearls and diamond rings may command Eva Warren’s life, but the jewel of her heart is long-term girlfriend Nadia Gaines. With red hair as captivating as the fires of the sun and curves that entrance Eva for days, it’s no wonder that the most sought-after lesbian heiress in New England has found the woman of her dreams.

Yet not everyone is happy for Eva. Such as her mother, the monstrous Isabella Warren. If this woman has one goal in her life, it’s to harangue her daughter for not only her “licentious” lifestyle, but her inability to be the object of Isabella’s ladder-climbing ways. What good is a daughter, after all, who refuses to date men, let alone marry them and beget their children? (Especially if there’s a very discerning rich man willing to take her!)

Eva’s life is turned upside-down when her mother delivers an ultimatum: dump Nadia and go out with a man selected for her, or forfeit her entire inheritance.

One of the country’s most experienced alpha lesbians doesn’t simply roll over for her mother. When Eva discovers a loophole in her parents’ will that can forever ensure her inheritance, she knows she has to take it.

That means marrying Nadia. Now.

But before Nadia will consent to marriage, she needs to know that Eva is truly the love of her life. Can they weather the storm of Eva’s business crumbling beneath her? Can Nadia look her future mother-in-law in the eye and reclaim her pride? Can Nadia be assured that Eva won’t get bored of her vanilla ways the moment their relationship is official?

They have three months to sort it out and say “I Do.” With any luck, they’ll survive. Otherwise, it may mean saying goodbye to the only love that’s ever mattered.

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