Harrington House

The Harrington House Ghost Hunters Series, Book 1

By J.P. Noether

HARRINGTON HOUSE is a ghost story of approximately 20,000 words.

It’s a small room in an old house, but it’s cheap. For Laren Tolley, still reeling after a bad breakup, it’s perfect. Who cares if there are rumors that it’s haunted? Her unfortunately-hot landlord and new roommate, Casey, assures her that ghosts aren’t real.

Casey Holland can fix anything– the fact that they’ve even made the Harrington house habitable proves it. But the power keeps going out, no matter how many times they repair outlets or replace fuses.

With the power outages and unexplained phenomena piling up, Laren is getting scared. And Casey doesn’t believe in ghosts, so Laren will have to do something herself– or risk losing her new home.

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