Haunting Vanity

By Erin Wade

Vanity Chase is a rock star who has little thought of anyone but herself.

Twenty-five-year-old Vanity Chase had the world by the tail. She had just released her first single record and it was shooting to the top of the charts. She was poised to be country music’s next darling and nothing could stop her.

Vanity had it all: long blonde hair, perfect figure, beautiful face, and a voice the angels envied. She knew she was the whole package.

As she drove home, she mentally ran through the list of things she had procured for her birthday party at the apartment clubhouse. The band was set up and ready to go. The caterer was arranging the buffet tables around the party room, cases of beer, wine, and whiskey were stacked behind the bar, and her manager had scored some primo (joints of weed laced with cocaine) for her and her friends. Yep, this is gonna be one hell of a party, she thought as she drove to her apartment.

She hoped Pam was home and getting ready. She hated it when they both ended up in the bathroom trying to take a shower at the same time. I really need to cut Pam loose, she thought. I’m certainly not taking her to Nashville with me.

Yes, Vanity’s life was perfect, or was it.

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