Have Gun We’ll Travel

Golden Crown Literary Award (Goldie)

The Gun Series, Book 3

By Lori K. Lake

Can Dez and Jaylynn survive long enough to save each other?

Dez Reilly and Jaylynn Savage have settled into a comfortable working and living arrangement. Their house is in good shape, their relationship is wonderful, and their jobs—while busy—are fulfilling. But everyone needs a break once in a while, so when they take off on a camping trip to northern Minnesota with good friends Crystal and Shayna, they expect nothing more than long hikes, romantic wood fires, and plenty of down time. Instead, they find themselves caught in the whirlwind created when two escaped convicts, law enforcement, and desperate Russian mobsters clash north of the privately-run, medium-security Kendall Correctional Center.

Set in the woodland area in Minnesota near Superior National Forest, this adventure/suspense novel features Jaylynn taken hostage by the escapees and needing to do all she can to protect herself while Dez figures out how to catch up with and disarm the convicts, short-circuit the Russians, and use the law enforcement resources in such a way that nothing happens to Jaylynn. It’s a race to the finish as author Lori L. Lake uproots Dez and Jaylynn from the romance genre to bring them center stage in her first suspense thriller.

Ellen Hart, Lammy Award-winning author of the Jane Lawless mystery series

“Have Gun We’ll Travel is one kick-ass debut thriller. Set in the woods of Northern Minnesota, the story is riveting, the writing lean, tough and tense. I’d met Dez Reilly and Jaylynn Savage before, but in this book, author Lori L. Lake doesn’t pull any punches. She puts her cop heroines in danger that doesn’t let up, pushing them to the very edge of their physical and emotional limits. Lake’s north wood’s tale is full of passion and terror, twists and heartbreak, but in the end, the message is all about friendship. If you miss this one, you’ll miss one of the year’s best.”

Radclyffe, author of Fated Love and the “Honor” and “Justice” series

Have Gun, We’ll Travel has it all … action, intrigue, danger, and devotion. The newest entry in Lori L. Lake’s “Gun series” (Gun Shy, Under the Gun) featuring police officers and lovers Dez Reilly and Jaylynn Savage starts out with a bang and the action never lets up during the ensuing eighteen tumultuous hours. Against the backdrop of a daring prison break, underworld intrigue, and Jaylynn’s kidnapping, Dez’s control and skills are tested as never before as she races against time to rescue her lover. The chase careens over rocky terrain, both emotionally and physically, as both women struggle to stay alive long enough to find one another. The labyrinth path of revenge and retribution is a spellbinding journey not to be missed.

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