Haven’s End

The Daughters Under the Black Flag Series

By Eden Hopewell

When pirate captain Margo's husband goes missing after a Spanish attack, she and her first mate and lover Elara will turn the Caribbean seas red to avenge him.

Hell hath no fury like Mad Margo O’Shea scorned.

1670 Port Royal, Jamaica

Margo (O’Shea) Flynn’s life is anchored by two great loves: her best friend who she married, Caleb, and her soulmate and love of her life, Elara. Together, the three built a life, raising children and tending a thriving business. But when Caleb’s ship is captured by the Spanish while privateering, their world is shattered.

Leaving their adult children to manage the family enterprise, Margo and Elara set sail with a pirate crew, driven by grief and a thirst for vengeance against the ruthless Spanish fleet. Their journey is fraught with danger, heartache and surprises, but their love for each other and Caleb’s memory fuels their resolve.

As they navigate treacherous waters and face relentless adversaries, the bond between Margo and Elara deepens, becoming their greatest strength and most profound connection. But will their love endure the trials they must face, or will their pursuit of justice lead them to a peril they cannot overcome?

“Haven’s End” is a sapphic historical romance novella, rich in adventure and emotion. Set in the vibrant world of “Daughters Under the Black Flag,” it’s a story that resonates with sapphic women, offering a tale of love, courage, and undying loyalty.

Join Margo and Elara as they embark on a journey where love is both their compass and anchor, guiding them through storms and battles, and bringing them ever closer to the haven they seek in each other’s arms.

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