Head Over Tail

By C. A. Hall

Some secrets are meant to be kept, but when a life is on the line, those secrets become less important.

Living inside a bookshop might sound strange to most, but for Grace, a feline shifter, it’s the only life she knows. Cared for by a human, Grace spends her days lounging inside the warm attic with its deep windowsill while reading through the mountains of books at night. The biggest highlight of her day, however, is Marcy.

Marcy’s kind, sweet, and would open her heart to anyone else. She’s also human. She has no idea the cat she took in twenty years ago is a shifter in disguise. And Grace would like to keep it that way.

However, when Marcy gets sick, Grace might not have a choice.

Head Over Tail is a paranormal sapphic romance full of pets, cuddles, and a shifter who desperately wants to belong.

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