Healing Springs

By Rhavensfyre

She thought she was going home to hide from the world, but Healing Springs had its own plans.

Healing Springs is a quirky little town tucked away in the mountains in the middle of nowhere, tucked so far, in fact, that it could have faded away a dozen times over if not for the healing springs it was named for. The Healing Springs Inn grew up around those springs, then the town around the Inn… and for hundreds of years, the healing waters there has brought both curious tourists and desperate souls seeking relief from what ailed them. Selene and Amy, fast friends since childhood, longed to escape from their small town. Selene wanted to write stories, not be a part of them… and Amy had dreams of travel and excitement behind the lens of a camera. As soon as they could, they left Healing Springs behind and went their separate ways. But, the legends and stories behind Healing Springs have a habit of following you beyond the town’s boundaries, seeking you out wherever water flows freely. When Selene is badly injured in a car accident that leaves her battered and broken, her memories tattered into shreds, she reluctantly returns home. She thought she was going home to hide from the world, but little did she know that her world… the one she had forgotten, had also found its way back to Healing Springs. The two women are reunited, and a journey back to love and self-acceptance begins. New memories and old stories bring the true spirit of the Springs back to life, and as it should be… what was lost is once again, found.

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