Heart of a Wolf

By C. A. Hall

Who knew getting a new heart could turn you into a werewolf?

After living with a faulty heart her entire life and finally getting the surgery she needs, Jo expects a long recovery. Instead, she experiences almost no pain, has a heightened sense of smell, and more energy than she knows what to do with.

Of course, getting back to a normal life would be a lot easier without the ears and tail.

Thrown into a world she knows nothing about, Jo will have to prove herself to the other wolves as well as Fallen, the woman who makes her heart race the most.

For Fallen, teaching the newly-turned wolf how to hunt and control her shifts is bad enough without their feelings getting involved. Loyal to the Alpha, there isn’t anything Fallen wouldn’t do for her or the pack she leads. She’d even give up her own life if it ever came down to it, but what about her heart?

Would she give that up as well?

With Jo struggling to find her place within the pack and Fallen doing whatever she can not to give in to her wolf’s lust, can these two women find common ground, or is their bond doomed from the start?

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