Heart of Time

The In The Queerness of Time Series, Book 3

By Alex Washoe

Time in Flux and Hearts in Peril

Liesel Oberman, a promising physicist (and horrible waitress) finds her deliberately ordered life turned upside down when she goes looking for a missing college professor and finds, instead, Francesca Diotima di Milano.

A sixteenth century polymath, swordswoman, and unrepentant womanizer, Francesca’s experiments with the mysterious Time Stone pull her out of her own era and drop her in the twenty-first century — where she discovers more freedom than she ever dreamed possible … and roller skates.

Meanwhile, weird things are afoot in the Emerald City. Mayor Holly Milan taps Liesel and Francesca to find out why. They’re off to a rough start because Liesel doesn’t believe she’s qualified for the job, and Francesca balks at trusting anyone in authority.

But somewhere between wrangling sabretooth tigers and fighting Mongol warriors on the streets of Seattle, they just might have time to fall in love.

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