Heart On Fire

By C. A. Hall

Every fire starts with a single spark.

Sage has lived along the Rocky Mountains for over thirty years. During that time, she’s spent most of it hidden inside her pelt. Her puma’s legs are powerful, her jaws are strong, and she has a better chance of survival when compared to her human self.

That is until someone sets fire to one of the camps below her den. Having forgotten how to shift, Sage will have to make a choice. Relocate into another lion’s territory or take her chances among men.

Neither option is ideal, but with her stomach rumbling and the fire nipping at her tail, she runs down the mountainside, right into another woman’s arms.

Learah is kind, beautiful, and nothing like the humans Sage’s mother warned her about when she was a cub. But siding with a human?

Sage’s heart must be mistaken.

Heart On Fire is a sapphic romance between a lion on the run and a human doing whatever she can to survive.

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