Hecate’s Hollow

By Tallie Rose

Besides the blood drinking and international crime, she’s the perfect woman…

A Snow White and Rose Red retelling

Lemon has spent the last twenty years hidden away from her abusive father in the mountain town of Hecate’s Hollow, a safe haven for witches like Lemon and her family. But that safety comes to an end the day she trips down an embankment and is honest-to-god swept off her feet by Claudia. It would be just like the romantic movies she loves, except Claudia is an international thief, cursed to live like a vampire by her witch hunter ex-boss, Julian. Lemon knows she should stay out of it, but curiosity and the urge to play the hero for a beautiful woman get the better of her. Talented at divining the ingredients for potions, Lemon agrees to help brew a cure, not expecting to find herself caught up in the very life her mother ran from years ago. Lemon thinks it will be easy enough to help Claudia — a few hikes for obscure ingredients, some clandestine kisses, and favors from farmers, nothing too dangerous — until Julian comes to claim what’s his. With her girlfriend in the hands of a monster, Lemon can’t hide anymore. She must leave Hecate’s Hollow and learn just what she’s really capable of.

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