Hell’s Bells

The Demons Series, Book 3

By K.B. Draper

It's Hell Out There

Addison Jo (AJ) Mattox knew this day was coming. Because, well, Lucifer pretty much said so when she left him one man-nugget short of a two pack after their last meeting. Oh, and fate has apparently been planning this party for a very long time.

With their future uncertain, Ashlyn wants to meet AJ’s family, so with a little time on their hands before the big throwdown, AJ and crew head to where it all began, AJ’s home planet, Missouri. The visit has been going well; that is, until AJ hits the frozen food aisle of the local Walmart, comes face to face with some old enemies, and ends up smack dab in the middle of a situation that she never anticipated and just might not survive—her high school class reunion. And as they say, everything pretty much goes south from there.

AJ, Ashlyn, Danny, Michael, Six, and Apoc find themselves on the road to Hell. Locusts, horsemen with seriously bad attitudes and even worse skin care regimes, hordes of demons, and Michael’s dad, The Michael, are just a few of the funsies they’ll have to deal with along the way. Good news is, they have added to their crew. Oh, and AJ has a plan. It’s a bad plan, but it just might be the only way to save the ones she loves and a whole lot of others she’s just “eh” about. Only one downside: it might cost her everything, including the life that she just started to believe was hers.

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