Her Collateral Bride

The Arranged to Love Series, Book 1

By Alexa Woods

Revenge served cold can burn unexpectedly hot...

Claire Finley always knew revenge was a dish best served cold. But when she takes her worst enemy’s gorgeous daughter as collateral to secure a business loan, she must wonder: Has she bitten off more than she can chew?

Her own restaurant shared with her best friend Robert, a bright future – Claire had it all. Until Robert took what was hers, all in the name of greed. Now, eleven years later, Claire is finally in a position of the one naming the terms. Her chance at revenge is here.

On the brink of ruin, Robert begs Claire to help save his business. Without her, he’ll lose everything. While Claire would be happy to witness his final agony, she doesn’t mind playing with her enemy either. She will give him a loan, sure, but this time she will secure it well. She’ll be taking collateral — Robert’s beautiful and innocent daughter.

It’s a perfect plan – until Claire realizes she might have risked something unexpected in the arrangement: Her heart.

Being used as collateral for a loan and forced to live with her dad’s vengeful enemy wasn’t how Haley had planned to spend her summer.

But here she is, a prisoner to the woman her father wronged long ago and who now controls almost every aspect of their lives. Strong and spirited, Haley braces herself for the worst, but when she gets to know Claire, she realizes there is one thing she hadn’t anticipated:
Losing her heart to her captor.

As Claire and Hailey fall for one another, they must decide: Will they give love a chance – or will the hunger for revenge consume their chance at happiness?

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