Her Lady’s Fortune

The Great War Series, Book 2

By Renee Dahlia

An assertive bank manager, a wary heiress. . . A one night stand they can’t forget.

Opposites attract in this age gap lesbian historical romance set in the hopeful aftermath of WWI.

An assertive bank manager, a wary heiress. . . A one night stand they can’t forget.

Stoic bank manager Rosalie must prove she’s more than her hedonistic nouveau-riche family. She’s continually fighting for her right to her job and doesn’t want to be lesser in her relationships. Being ghosted after a hot one night stand is exactly what Rosalie would expect from old-money Priya and she tells herself she has no time for an affair with a flighty young lady.

The war made Priya more determined than ever to use her aristocratic family’s wealth and power for good. When her beloved brother makes working with a bank a condition of her houses for war widows project, that doesn’t seem too bad… Until she realises she’ll have to work with Rosalie Sanderson. Their unforgettable night of passion followed by betrayal before the war isn’t something she can forgive.

Two worlds collide, and Priya and Rosalie still have chemistry enough to power the homes they both want to build. But with the walls they’ve built around their hearts, how can they work together, or keep their hearts intact if they do?

A steamy second chance lesbian story of rivalry, opposites attract, and hope amongst the ashes of war. HEA guaranteed.

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