Her Spell That Binds Me

By Luna Oblonsky

A spellbinding rivalry unraveled by fate... A sapphic romance born from the ashes of prejudice… A Regency Era tale of lust and magic.

Iona’s magic thrives in ways that defy explanation.

The threads of fate pull Iona to Lysander College, an illustrious school for aristocratic witches of great renown. Though Iona is only a novice witch with no ancestral claim to old magic, her anomalous power garners the unwanted attention of imperious witches in her class.

Ariadne is a prodigy of magic descended from a prestigious bloodline of witches.

Ariadne is her family’s one hope of maintaining their noble status in high society. When Iona arrives at college under mysterious circumstances, wielding magic that somehow rivals Ariadne’s, she makes it her vendetta to put Iona in her place.

The scholarly witches of Lysander College share one common goal: to claim the coveted pendant of Morgan Le Fay.

Within the pendant’s shimmering stones lies indomitable power, which can only be claimed by the witch who wins Morgan’s arcane trials in Spring. Ariadne must claim the pendant for her family or face the consequences should she fail. Ariadne will not let Iona steal her victory, though she might steal her heart.

Her Spell That Binds Me is an F/F rivals to lovers, dual POV, dark fantasy romance novel. Contains mature themes.

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