Heroines of Olympus

The Olympus Trilogy, Book 1

By River Bennet

What tangled web will they weave in this epic sapphic tale?

The Pantheon is gathered, and the Fate’s loom is set.

Aphrodite, an honored Goddess, has played many parts over the years, and as she draws closer to the answers she longs for most, she’ll sacrifice anything and anyone that would get in her way.

Hestia has learned to live on the sidelines in the Temple of Olympus, but when she unearths duplicitous plots she’ll risk everything to execute justice.

Icarus has left behind everything to become a Hero of Olympus, her skill in combat making her an asset. When given a choice to follow their orders or follow her heart which will she choose?

Medusa has long since made peace with her exile, and the endless heroes sent to ensure that her island is no paradise. However, when a band of rebels come offering a glimpse of freedom, Medusa must put aside her distrust of Gods and Goddesses to seek revenge against the ones who cursed her.

Join our Heroines as they decide if they will sacrifice what’s necessary to eliminate the evil that has corrupted Olympus.

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