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Hide n’ Seek

By Eden Emory and Ashley Pines

From Ashley Pines and Eden Emory comes a queer dark, smutty thriller set in world where the rich pay handsomely to watch the live-streaming event of the year.

The desperate sign-up to play a game with life-changing rewards and life-ending consequences.


I have nothing left. No family. No money. No future.

So when the games begin I have no choice but to enter.

I know I could die. But without the prize money I’m a goner anyway, the medical debt from my father’s accident will eat me alive.

Years of cheer and track had prepared me for this. I was born to win this game.

It didn’t matter what it took. Blood. Sweat. Tears. My soul.

Nothing would stop me from getting that money.


She would have been fine if I had never been born.

But he took it all from her.

I would do anything to repay her for what my father had stolen.

Sell my soul. My body.

Kill someone.

Hide n’ seek. That’s all it was supposed to be. Play the game, get the money.

But then I was handed a gun and a mask.

She wasn’t part of the plan.

So why the hell is she here?

Will you be watching or playing?

This will be the first book in a series with interconnected standalones. While they can be read out of order, it is recommended to start from Hide n’ Seek. This is a dark book with many triggers, please see the TW on the authors’ website before continuing.

Available through Kindle Unlimited
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