The First Nillionaires Club, Book 1

By K'Anne Meinel

Because not everyone is a millionaire or billionaire. Some of us are nillionaires.

Home: such a beautiful word, but not something everyone wants, needs, or desires. For Taylor and Bree Moore, having their own home was the ultimate plan. They scrimped and saved for years, and now they are going to have to work even harder than they could have ever imagined to achieve it.

They might have had their dream home years earlier if life hadn’t gotten in the way. Taylor and Bree Moore aren’t poor, but they are bursting at the seams in the apartment they rent. With four children they first fostered and then adopted, the three-bedroom apartment isn’t enough to call home anymore.

Friends and family all chip in with their advice, support, and opinions, wanted or not, as these two make their new place home.

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