Hook-up to Holidate

The Augury University Series, Book 1

By Santoriello Rose

Sapphic Monster Romance

Indigo Watson gets serotonin from sticking to her plans. She has a long list of to-do’s, including grading midterms, and the list only grows longer when she meets a sexy half-orc at the bar. After spending a weekend with the woman, Indigo is beside herself with feelings, and for once, it’s not anxiety: it’s lust.

Vega Daelor is an orcling woman with a body of steel and a heart of pure gold. She recently started a new job as Department Chair of Charms at Augury University, but everything goes astray when the submissive, little elfborn she’s been fooling around with turns out to be her subordinate.

With the holiday season upon them and a perfect sister to outshine, Indigo gathers up the courage to ask Vega to be her “Holidate.” It’s a foolproof plan. She’ll have a hottie by her side to show off to the family, and she can get Vega out of her system for good. But when the sun sets and the string-lights rise, they find themselves falling for each other instead. Will Indigo follow her job’s zero fraternization policy, or will she be asking for a girlfriend this Christmas?

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