Hot for the Royal CEO’s Bodyguard

By Hazel Emilie

A sexy sapphic satire

“So there’s dull, and then there’s my life – that is, until the day before I stumble tits-first into an internship at Hayes Couture International, where everyone’s as sharp as a Louboutin heel and twice as deadly. Oh, and my boss? None other than Vanessa Hayes herself, frostier than a penguin’s arse and gorgeous enough to make even a straight girl’s knees wobble. One other thing? She’s as kinky as a cheap garden hose.

“Yeah, I’ve pretty much hit jackpot. Melting ice queens is practically my superpower. But things get a touch complicated when I run into an old friend the night before my first day on the job.

“Enter Captain Fox: ex-army, abs you could grate cheese on, swoonworthy biceps, and come-to-bed eyes. She also happens to be in charge of guarding Princess Margaux – who, in a twist of fate that would make even a sapphic romance writer blush, just happens to be my doppelganger.

“Of course, it goes without saying that she’s hot as hell too.

“Buckle up, babes, because we’re about to dive headfirst into a whirlwind of steamed-up office windows, lace-and-leather soirees, and Paris Fashion Week’s glitzy catwalks. And my sex life as I attempt to find happiness – or at least a damn good shag – with a royal, a CEO and a bodyguard.”

A satirical celebration of the Indie Sapphic Fiction community, this bonkers and bonk-filled little book is written with its tongue firmly in its cheek and is best read the same way. It is ridiculous, hilarious and jam-packed with all your favourite tropes – AND some of the biggest names in sapphic fiction – all tied up in a farce of fabulous proportions.

As Emily says, you couldn’t make this shit up. Trust me, she’s tried.

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from Sep 21 to Sep 25

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