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Contemporary Romance
Body Positivity
Enemies to Lovers
Forced Proximity / Stranded Together
Reality Show
Rich Girl / Poor Girl
Single Parent
Heat Level:
Hot & Steamy (full, graphic description of sexual acts occurs and may include crude language)
Blue Collar Worker
Chef / Caterer / Baker / Foodie
Parent / Caregiver
Podcast / Blogger
Geographic Location:
United States
Radio Station / TV or Recording Studio
Restaurant / Diner / Food Truck
Sexual / Gender Identity:
Bi or Pansexual
Trigger/Content Warning:
discussion of emotionally and physically abusive marriage, description of small injuries sustained during cooking, descriptions of blood and minor gore, parental death from cancer (off-page, minor character), discussion of diets/diet culture, appearance of abusive spouse, threat of inter-partner violence, vegan character is asked to cook meat and offal

Hugs & Quiches

By Candace Harper

A new cooking competition was supposed to be the start of their new lives. They had no idea just how much their lives would heat up.

Starting over was meant to be a new beginning.

Though for Zoe Cooper and Amelia Hughes, it’s the very first step toward their happy ending.

It’s been a year since Zoe Cooper packed up her daughter and fled her abusive husband with only the clothes on her back. But life as a waitress, food blogger, and “roommate” to her supportive mother has turned into a holding pattern, and her dream of launching her own catering company and cooking school feels like just another fairy tale ending–when she’s no Cinderella.

Until the newest cooking competition comes to town, and suddenly magic just might be at Zoe’s fingertips with the chance to audition for Heating Up the Kitchen.

If only she can beat Amelia.

Fresh out of a disastrous relationship and determined to prove her ex wrong, Amelia’s got a chip on her shoulder and is ready for a grudge match in the kitchen. When she locks horns with Zoe, there’s more steaming than their buns as the two competitive young chefs vie for the top spot on the show…

…and the top spot in each others’ hearts.

There’s more cooking in this kitchen than the food, and romance is on the menu. When hatred turns to heat and threatens to boil over, their rivalry might just end in disaster.

Or Zoe and Amelia might just find the future they need in each other–in between stolen hugs and quiches.

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Also Available as an audiobook →

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