Humble Servant

The WLW Billionaire Quick Reads Series, Book 1

By Jenna Kent

A tale of forbidden desire and finding beauty beyond scars, as a courageous woman navigates the complexities of love and career with her enigmatic boss, Stacey.


I took the job no one else wanted and then I met her, Stacey, a big beautiful dominant femme that steals my heart, just by looking her. Only one problem. She’s my boss and she’s mean as hell. I can’t’ help the feelings I’m catching for her. I’m poor and completely out of her league. She can’t see her beauty because of the scars that cover her face. But I see it and I’m not afraid to tell her just how beautiful she is. When Stacey shows interest, I have to keep my distance because I need this job. No matter how badly I want this woman.


Why did the agency send me such a beautiful woman? I try to keep my head in the right place, because I keep firing girls form the agency. But, Emma, the way she looks at me changes something me. I’ve been dead inside a long time because of my injury, and I hate the way people look at me. But Emma’s different. She looks at me like I’m beautiful. When you meet a woman like Emma, you keep her, and that’s exactly what I plan on doing.

Jenna is a steamy lesbian romance author of fast-paced instalove romance. Expect them to be over-the-top, absurdly ridiculous–but always with a happy ending.

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