Hyacinths and Hydrangeas

Syd's Story

The TLFS Spin-Off Series, Book 1

By Aricka Alexander

This is a story about love, compassion, trauma, and finding your person.

After a much-needed gap year, Sydney is finally ready to start her college basketball career and become one step closer to achieving her dreams of playing for the Charlotte Does. Before she even steps foot on South State University’s campus, she’s famous. Everyone knows of the basketball prodigy who had been winning awards and being looked at by WNBA scouts since she was 15. But with popularity and fame comes gossip, haters, and past traumas. It’s something she’s used to though and she has never let it bother her in the past. But when she falls for a dancer named Jamie and things start to spin out of control, will she be able to brush it all off?

Jamie Wiser may be a sophomore in college, but she’s far from experienced in anything thanks to the sheltered life she lived most of her childhood. When the life she knows is suddenly upended at the age of 15, she finds herself moving in with her bestfriend, Ariana, and her family. They care for her like family, but with money being tight, she still misses out on a lot of experiences outside of dance classes. But when she meets Sydney, her world is once again turned upside down. She experiences stuff she’s never had before like luxuries, fancy trips, but most importantly — acceptance.

This is a story about love. About compassion. Trauma. And finding your person.

This is the story of how Sydney and Jamie found each other.

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