I Need Her Love

The Friends and Lovers Series, Book 3

By Abigail Taylor

A thriving tattoo business, a beautiful wife, a loving marriage... Rose had it all, including a dark secret.

Rose and Suze are tattoo artists, and their studio, Blackheart Inc, means everything to them.

Married for years, they love and understand each other and enjoy a happy life together.

But Rose is hiding a dark secret from her past because she simply can’t face reliving what happened in order to share it with her wife. However, the deeper she tries to bury her memories, the more disruptive her thoughts become.

Rose wants to have a full and complete sexual experience with Suze but cannot receive intimacy, even though she longs to do so.

When an unexpected event triggers a confession, the two women work together toward finding fulfillment and an even deeper, unbreakable love.

I Need Her Love is book three of The Friends and Lovers Series and contains a short scene in Chapter 20 featuring a sexual assault, which may trigger some readers.

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