I Spy

By Noelle Winters

A spy and a doctor find their lives intertwined after a near-death experience.

When two different worlds collide.

Returning home to a house full of bad memories only reinforces Dr. Jordan Kalusky’s desire to never get attached. But then the mysterious super-spy Carys Mitchell comes through the door of her ICU.

A woman of more questions than answers, Carys has long put her country ahead of her heart. She won’t make the mistake of falling in love. Last time cost her a friend. What would it cost this time? When Carys is forced into retirement, she smells a rat and starts delving into the case surrounding her injury – one that draws Jordan in, deeper and deeper.

When Carys rescues Jordan from an assassin, she realizes their lives are twined together whether she wanted them to be or not. When the temptation becomes impossible to resist, Carys has to figure out whether she can protect her heart – or whether she wants to risk opening up to Jordan for the first time.

Can they overcome the barriers between them? Or will fate break them apart and destroy their happy ending?

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