If We Meet Again: The Choice

The If We Meet Again Series, Book 3

By Nicole Spencer-Skillen

What if a choice that could change the course of your entire life, wasn’t your choice to make?

Ashley Stewart finally followed her heart, after spending years in denial, and being jilted at the altar, she ultimately realised her fate and it led her all the way to England, to Megan. The ramifications of such a decision she is yet to discover. Would she do it again? Absolutely, but as determined as she is to move forward, first she must go back.

Her new relationship with Megan disrupts the group dynamic at her best friend’s party, which indirectly has transformative consequences for those closest to her.

Megan is blissfully, and unequivocally in love. How could she not be? She got the girl. Life is good, she would go as far as saying it’s amazing. However, she didn’t foresee a deviation from the plan.

A life-changing incident see’s Megan battle with her emotions. She faces her biggest challenge yet, trying to navigate the inner turmoil that comes with guilt, loss, and a future unknown.

Will Ashley and Megan’s love prevail above all else? Will they be able to overcome the odds, in order to live a long and happy life together?

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