Indecent Promposal

By Natasha West

A queen always gets what she wants...

Ava Gale is a cinch for prom queen. She has the perfect reputation and the perfect boyfriend. Until Mr Perfect is caught publicly cheating with his BFF. Now Ava’s prom queen bid is in jeopardy because her ex, Leo, and his new boyfriend are making a play for prom kings. Worse, people are saying they might actually win because they ‘found love’ against the odds. It’s a load of crap, but people are buying it. And Ava’s social stock is plummeting.

But what if Ava could fake a love story that would put her back in the picture? What if she were to fall for the most unexpected person in the school – the resident cool rebel? It could put Leo’s new relationship in the shade and bring Ava back into the limelight, just in time to grab the crown.

Cody Foster has always been a loner. That’s her choice and she’s cool with it. Until it impacts her college application. Rejected on the basis of not being well-rounded enough sucks. But that doesn’t mean she’s going to listen to that annoying Barbie doll Ava and her crazy idea to fake being a couple to win the prom together, even if it would prove to her dream school that she’s more than just a square peg in a round hole. Pretending to be a surprising and attention-grabbing couple so they can reign over their queer queendom together? It could never work.

But… if they could pull it off? They’ll both get what they want. Cody realises she’s just desperate enough to agree to Ava’s bonkers scheme. But as Ava and Cody fake their forbidden love in the pursuit of their goals, what they really want starts to change…

Indecent Promposal is the latest fresh and fun romantic comedy from the author of international lesfic bestsellers Honeymoon HijackersThe Missus and Just Married?

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