Indigo: Three

The Indigo B&B Series, Book 3

By Adrian J. Smith

Three women scarred by trauma. Will they find a way to thrive?

Heidi and Ann have been together nearly sixteen years, and yet, something hasn’t been right in their relationship from the start. Struggling with deep trauma, Heidi pulls away and doesn’t know how to function in a normal loving relationship. Ann is overwhelmed by shame when it comes to her needs. Eighteen months ago, they took a leap and opened their relationship in hopes of finding a better balance.

Insert Lila.

Lila is young, vicarious, and a strength for both Ann and Heidi. With trauma of her own, she was graced with the tools to cope and thrive. Now she has to choose if she can work through her own past and race toward the future either by herself or with Ann and Heidi in tow.

Indigo: Three is an age gap, small town novel about overcoming our past to live into our present and maybe even hope for a future. Be prepared for abuse triggers, but also to see the beauty of fighting for what we deserve. A life full of love and safety.

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