Inside These Halls

By Adrian J. Smith

Don't fall in love.

Hide and you’ll make it through.

The last thing on Esther Dunja’s mind is falling in love. Her goal is to keep her head down and slide through the next twelve years until her son graduates. After being run out of the last school she taught at by her ex, Esther needs to make this new teaching job work. It’s her last chance to retain custody. The problem is she never anticipated falling for her son’s kindergarten teacher.

Melanie Przybyla is a single mom to four grown kids, and she finally has time for herself—or so she thought. With family drama on the rise and a new teacher in her school that she can’t stop thinking about, Melanie comes to a startling realization. She’s attracted to women. She just has to figure out why Esther Dunja is so terrified and how she can date her student’s mom.

When conflicts of interest abound, Melanie and Esther have to navigate what they’re willing to risk to let their love blossom.

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