Into the Fire

By Cynthia Dane

Their love is too hot to touch.


Former Marine Michelle “Mitch” Cruise has already lived through the most harrowing moments of her life. Between a kidnapping in Iraq and losing her family’s home to wildfires, she’s convinced that there is nothing left to harm her.

But there is also nothing to fill the void in her dissociative life.

It makes her the perfect candidate for a golden opportunity. There is a woman – a rich woman – searching for a month-long girlfriend. Mitch isn’t naïve. She knows what this woman wants. So happens that Mitch is in the position to endure it.

She never, ever counts on falling in love with reclusive heiress Vanessa – to the point she’ll lay down her life for her mistress.


One by one, the members of Vanessa’s family have disappeared into the afterlife. The man calling the hits has driven her into hiding, where her only friends are her cold-shoulder staff and the husband-wife security team who know everything about her life.

Including who she invites into her home.

When Mitch arrives, distant and aloof, Vanessa is instantly intrigued. She’s never met such a strong woman before, and the electric attraction between them brings new meaning to the kind of domineering love Vanessa has been making. In Mitch she finds the other half she’s been searching for. The woman who isn’t afraid to face danger while understanding what trauma does to the heart.

Too bad Vanessa’s oldest threat is so close, it’s bursting from within her own sanctuary.

Too bad she’s dragged the new love of her life into open fire.

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