Jasyn and the Astronauts: The Sea of Stars

The Jasyn and the Astronauts Series, Book 2

By Gwenhyver

Venturing to the skies was meant to be perfect…

A sapphic swords & sorcery space adventure!

Venturing to the skies was meant to be perfect…

Adventurer JASYN has dreamed of taking to the skies her whole life. But it’s difficult to thrive on a sky ship when no-one trusts you to not blow a hole in the hull with your inconsistent ice-powers.

Meanwhile, engineering-savvy ATALANTA fits in like a well-oiled cog in a machine, even though being contained within a faulting sky ship with a bunch of strangers is the last place she wants to be.

But never mind navigating the skies, what about navigating this crew?

What is Captain Herakles’s problem? Her mood is as changeable as the weather, and she struts about like she owns the place (because, okay, maybe she does own the place!), but would it end all the worlds under the Seven Suns to let Jasyn and Atalanta spend time together?

When an unexpected detour lands them on an unknown world, they get everything they want, and more: Jasyn gets her chance at adventure, and Atalanta’s distrust for the skies is about to be allayed or realised.

The Sea of Stars is the second book in the Jasyn and The Astronauts series — a sapphic, swords & sorcery in space reimagining of Jason and the Golden Fleece — an adventure fuelled by wonder and good intentions, while navigating weather fronts formed of emotions along the way.

Climb aboard and sail the sea of stars!

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