Just One Week

The Castleton Hearts Series, Book 2

By Chelsea M. Cameron

Two former best friends + a moving truck + one week = complicated.

Emerald Witmer is beyond pissed when her brother begs her to drive all the way across the country to pick up his girlfriend’s sister from college in Arizona and bring her back to Castleton, Maine. She would tell him to go *blank* himself, but then he agrees to pay her, and let’s be real, she could use the money.

She’s not going to think about the fact that the girl she’s going to pick up, Natalie Johnson, was her best friend when they were kids, until Natalie decided she’d rather hang with the cool kids and abandoned Em. Not that she’s still holding a grudge or anything.

All she has to do is manage to get through one week with Natalie, and then never think about her again, but those plans go out the window when she sees Natalie and feels something more intense than her anger at the past: lust.

It’s fine. All she has to do is get through one week. What happens afterwards is a problem for future Em.

What starts as an annoying chore turns into a road trip of redemption when Em realizes how much she misses having Natalie in her life, and things escalate further when they get back to Castleton, and share a kiss. Those feelings Em has been trying to ignore aren’t going to be silenced. Will Em put the past in the past, and let herself fall for the girl who used to be her best friend? Or will she cling to her painful past and reject Natalie completely?

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