Katera Rebelling

The Shadowsoul Series, Book 2

By J. D Evergreen

For Claire, freedom isn’t what it seemed.

At twenty- two, Claire has survived years of being a gladiator slave. After managing to escape she has been on the run ever since with her companions and the rebel leader, Lexa. Claire has something their self proclaimed emperor wants, a mysterious magical necklace wrapped up in myth and legend that for some reason only works for Claire. Well, works for Claire with extreme consequences.

Seven of these gems exist and after months of struggle, Claire has only managed to find two others and their Xineophs. They think they might know where the next one is, but bounty hunting monsters, mysterious earthquakes and confusing magic lurks with every step.

Claire’s struggles to understand her new magic, and somehow the terrifying process of working up the courage to tell Lexa how she feels.

Join Claire and her companions as they rebel against oppressive forces, defy the odds, and kindle a passionate romance amidst the chaos. In a realm where danger hides at every turn, they must find the strength to confront their destiny and shape a future where love and freedom prevail.

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