Keep Her Safe

By Claire Highton-Stevenson

She'll do whatever it takes...

Barely into her 30s, Laura Ryan was living the perfect life. She had everything she thought she wanted until the moment her mother-in-law passed away. Instead of leaving her fortune to Laura’s husband, her son, she skipped a generation and left the house and £5m to her granddaughter, under the supervision of her parents, who must both agree and sign for any spending on Sienna’s behalf…unless one of them were to die, then the other would have full control of the money.

So, is it a coincidence when the same blue car almost hits Laura three times? She doesn’t think so, but the police aren’t interested. When The Organisation hears about it, they jump in to offer help, and Cat Ryan is dispatched, with one instruction: Keep Her Safe.

Cat Rogers had been with The Organisation for a while now. Her police background and sense of justice made her the ideal operative. In her 40s now, she’d seen her fair share of, mostly women, ignored by the laws of the land and left to their own devices, and she didn’t like it, not one bit. Especially someone as beautiful and endearing as Laura Ryan.

On the run for their lives, Cat soon discovers that attraction isn’t so easily ignored and protecting Laura and Sienna soon becomes more than just a job.

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