Kickin’ Rocks

By Marianne K. Martin

Jada Baker might be a millennial, but she was born to worry—about her mom, about her job, about abused animals, and about the growing hatred she sees playing out in the news every day.

But she also believes that the system will work, that goodness will win out over evil, and that she can find a love as rich and deep as the love her parents have for one another. And when Amie Luca, a veterinarian whose compassion and dedication to helping mistreated animals captures her heart, Jada finally begins to trust that she has found what she’s been searching for all along.

When the system suddenly fails them and their happiness is threatened by ugly hate and bitter homophobia, the young couple turns to help from a woman who has learned the hard way that kicking rocks is painful and that it takes unwavering persistence to move them. Dusty Logan fought for the ERA, she’s suffered with friends through the AIDS crisis, and she’s battled for the right to openly love a woman—but a lifetime of fighting has left her exhausted and disengaged. Yet when she sees a new generation of women facing old, familiar challenges, her spirit to fight the good fight once more is rekindled—and Jada and Amie might have a shot at real happiness after all.

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