Kiss Shot

By Carolyn Elizabeth

Kiss Shot is a gritty, thrill ride as two women, armed with wits, fists and foul mouths, fight for justice and their lives against criminals and corruption.

Hot-headed and soft-hearted Street Crimes Detective, Lucy “Lucky” Sorin, can’t seem to stay out of trouble. She even manages to get kicked off the task force working to bring down the Rat Lords, an outlaw motorcycle club in town.

Instead of taking a demotion she turns in her badge, grabs her stick and goes looking for a level table with fast cloth—at the Rat Lords’ clubhouse. While all eyes are on the ex-cop turned pool hustler, Lucky only has eyes for Mira Allen, the club president’s lover.

With her smooth stroke and smart mouth, it doesn’t take long for Lucky to find trouble again. Tempers soon flare and nothing is quite what it seems. Everyone has a secret someone else is willing to kill for—and Lucky is dangerously behind the eight-ball.

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