Laia Rios Sex Raider: Amazon Submission

The Sex Raider Series, Book 3

By Riley Rose

The Sex Raider must save the Amazon Queen by defeating rival warriors in an epic sex battle!

Sexy adventurer Laia Rios has become an official member of the Amazons, an ancient tribe of ridiculously muscular and beautiful women. But the Amazon Queen has just been kidnapped. And Laia has to rescue her.

Her favorite Amazonian sister Astraia joins her on the quest to save the Queen and a side quest to make Laia the most submissive Amazon ever. All Laia and Astraia have to do is defeat a rival group of gorgeous women warriors in a huge sex battle!

Will Laia and Astraia give themselves over to their sexy rivals? Will the Queen give them some special sexy punishment? And how many spankings will Laia’s cute, curvy butt be able to take?

Find out if the Sex Raider can pull off her most dangerous adventure yet in this action/adventure erotica!

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