Laia Rios: Sex Raider: The Lust Idol

The Sex Raider Series, Book 1

By Riley Rose

Can the Sex Raider get through a kinky temple to find the legendary Lust Idol of the Amazons?

Laia Rios is the most amazing adventurer and relic hunter on the planet. She travels the globe finding the most hidden artifacts and treasures. And having sex with the sexiest women of every nationality.

When she gets word of a new clue to the legendary Lust Idol of the Amazons, she can’t pass up the opportunity to find it. And all she’ll have to do is pass through a temple filled with the most elaborate sex traps ever.

Will Laia be able to withstand the increasingly mind-blowing challenges of sensual pleasure? Will she be able to retrieve the Lust Idol? And will she find some super-sexy Amazons?

Find out if the Sex Raider is up for the challenge in this new action/adventure erotica!

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