Lands End

By Mariah R. Embry

She can't let internalized hatred get in the way of her growing love.

Eileen’s life is everything she thought it would be. She has a fabulous career as a zoologist, lives in the city, has amazing friends, and a family she adores. Eileen never thought she’d live to see herself so happy. Sure, her living situation is not ideal, and living in the city is expensive, but Eileen could not be happier with her life.

Alta is one of San Francisco’s top real estate agents. She’s great at her job and finds fulfillment in making a sale. As a faithful Jewish woman, Alta never pictured herself living so far from her family and single at the age of thirty-five, yet this is where Alta is in life. With pressure coming from her mother and biological clock, Alta feels a sense of anxiety about never finding the right man for marriage. It’s just that the thought of being married causes Alta more stress than the idea of never having children.

When Eileen and Alta’s paths keep crossing, they strike up a friendship. Both women have so much in common that they find it hard not to become instant BFFs. Yet, this friendship becomes blurred when Eileen finds herself in need of a new home, and Alta offers up her guest bedroom.

Even though friendship is all the women wanted, they can’t help but feel more for each other. Yet, with imposing family, religious beliefs, and meddling friends, they can’t help but think that loving one another is too hard.

Will love win? Or will Eileen and Alta find that they can never be together freely?

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