Lavender Femme, Violet Butch

By M. N. Tinker

She decided to treat her hardworking lover with a tender sexy surprise - and found it more emotional than anticipated.

Adventurous Russian femme Lydia Petrovna has a special something in store for her Chinese butch lover, Zhu Ting. Her darling butch is a hot-shot lawyer, flouting her clout all day long in the office… so surely she’d enjoy a nice, stripperiffic surprise where she can lean back and let Lydia do the work? After all, Lydia has been practicing those very special moves for a while now! Lydia loves showing off for her lover, and loves the feeling of trust and vulnerability when she bares it all just for her butch to take.

There’s more in store with this steamy interracial erotica, though! After all, these two love each other very deeply, and are unafraid to show it to each other, through loving and lecherous acts alike!

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