Learning to Howl

By C. A. Hall

There are some memories you can’t run away from. Being a wolf is only part of it.

Vic doesn’t remember her first pack. She doesn’t remember her family or her home. As far as she’s concerned, the haven she’s spent the last twenty years of her life in is her home, Trevor is her chosen family, and there’s no place she’d rather go.

This all chances, however, when a scouting mission sends her right back to the human camps Trevor pulled her away from. She has no recollection of that night or what happened there, and yet, something drives her forward, along the cobblestone streets in search of another.

Born and raised as the next Alpha in line to lead her pack, it’s up to Elly to take her father’s place once he’s gone. But what if she doesn’t want to lead? What if she wants a life all her own?

Vic sees her, understands her, and now, after spending months inside a cage, someone finally wants her. But this isn’t the first time they’ve met, and sharing that truth could easily tear them apart.

Can these two women work together to break away from the past, or are there some things you simply cannot run away from?

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