Learning to Trust

The Doveport Duology, Book 2

By Kallie Mont

She’d never expected to be in another relationship, especially this soon, but when you find someone that feels like home, how can you leave?


Parker loved that voice and she adored hearing it say her name. But in this moment, it scared the shit out of her.

In the sleepy coastal town of Doveport, the pot isn’t just stirred—that bitch is boiling over.

Maggie and Parker are new… like, brand-spanking-new. But for all of their flirting and butterflies and romantic intention, the universe has devised one giant beaver-dam.

Maggie is already falling for the woman of her dreams, but that same woman might very well be leaving by the year’s end. With a mourning best friend, a transitioning career, and parents who are squarely on the wrong continent, Maggie can barely catch her breath, let alone figure out how to convince Parker to stay.

Add in a pickle-thieving cat and a first date consisting mostly of fish bones, and you’ll start to get the picture.

Parker’s found the kind of excitement and acceptance she never knew was possible, but it’s with a woman thirteen years her junior. Plus, she came to Doveport to start over, not to stay. Working on a short-term contract meant that she would have the freedom to go anywhere after this stopover.


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