Legacy of the Maker

The Maker Series, Book 4

By Sharon K. Angelici

No monsters too big, no monsters too small for the Heroes of Bannock!

In a secret world filled with magick, Wildwood Blackstone has encountered unbelievable mysteries. As the blacksmith in her new hometown, she’s survived and endured the call to wield the hammer of the goddess Brigid, but to what end? Celebrating a year with her girlfriend, Shay, the two continue their search for answers. What lived inside Andrea Peters? How did the entity survive for hundreds of years? Who controlled her all this time?

Their call to be The Magick and Maker of Bannock comes with more questions than ever, but it might also come with answers to their past. Wildwood and Shay are drawn into endless realms, all of which lead to the Legacy of the Maker.

In book four of the Maker Series, Wildwood and Shay find what they’ve been seeking—and raise questions they’ll need to answer if they’re ever to learn the truth about Bannock, their role as its guardians.

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