Lesbian Lumberjack

The Sapphic Sweethearts Series, Book 1

By Kitty Jones

One lumberjack. One runaway woman. One big, fat mess.

Jordan has spent her entire life being bigger, stronger, and more muscular than her three lumberjack brothers. Slated to inherit her father’s lumber mill upon his retirement next month, she decides to tour some of his properties to get a feel for the land. When a freak snowstorm hits in the middle of October, she’s forced to spend the weekend holed up in one of his rustic cabins.

But she’s not alone.

Clara isn’t very good at much, but she’s good at running away. That’s why she’s in the woods, after all – to escape her family’s tainted legacy and to get away from the man who’s trying to destroy her entire world. When a snowstorm hits unexpectedly, she seeks refuge at the first shelter she finds – a small, cozy would-be hunting cabin.

Only, the cabin is already occupied.

Jordan and Clara have no choice but to spend the weekend riding out the storm together, but when sparks start to fly, it seems like the lumberjack and the princess have more in common than they think.

Their bodies might be able to survive the snowstorm, but can their hearts weather the weekend?

This is a sapphic, forced proximity romance featuring lesbian lumberjacks and secret billionaires.

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