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Image of a heart with rainbows
Contemporary Romance
Dating Disaster
Fake Relationship / Marriage of Convenience
Rich Girl / Poor Girl
Accountant / CFO
Shopkeeper / Cashier
Bakery / Sweet Shop / Cafe
Sexual / Gender Identity:
Bi or Pansexual
Trigger/Content Warning:
Content warning for descriptions of domestic abuse and intimate partner violence, open-door sex scenes, and the most disastrous of bisexual disasters.

Life is Sweet

By Lily Seabrooke

Can a half-baked plan make life sweet?

Melissa Warden is at the top of her field, CFO of a high-powered financial institution, but there’s only one problem: she doesn’t know why she did any of it, what she sacrifices every second of her life for. And after lying to her family pretending she has a girlfriend to keep them from worrying about her, it backfires when they invite her girlfriend to her sister’s baby shower. With everything at risk of crashing down at work, she’s forced to face the fact that she’s thrown her whole life away for nothing more than a title.

Kayla Spencer lives by a motto that matches the name of her candy store: Life is Sweet. But her faith in that mantra is put to the test when her candy store is heading towards insolvency, and when an ex-boyfriend from a life she thought she escaped shows up to try to bring her back.

Grabbing a customer you barely know to pretend to be your girlfriend just to get a pushy ex off your back is a half-baked plan, but Kayla has a lot of those. Besides, what are the odds that customer you barely know is actually a disillusioned millionaire who could also use a fake girlfriend? That would be an unbelievable coincidence that would obviously never happen.

Life is Sweet is a 50k-word f/f romance between a millionaire lesbian corporate executive looking for meaning in life and a disaster bisexual just trying not to crash and burn, featuring a fake relationship that turns into a real one, pushy businesspeople who won’t take no for an answer, and a rabbit named Leonardo who is a total jerk, despite how cute he is.

Available through Kindle Unlimited
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