Light My Fire

The Catskill Crew Romance Series, Book 4

By Anna Cove

What happens when the woman of your biggest, most impossible dreams becomes your reality?

Tara McClintock fell in love the first time she saw Cory Fernandez.

Cory didn’t even notice her.

This was probably for the best.

If Cory had so much as spared a glance at her, Tara might have broken out into an epic yet tuneless version of Elton John’s “Rocket Man.” Then she would have dropped dead of embarrassment. As long as Cory stars only in her dreams, Tara can blissfully live her boring life on the farm with her horses and her twin sister to keep her company.

Cory Fernandez, building contractor and owner of the local hardware store, has a secret. Everyone likes her, but no one really knows her. If they did, they would run her right out of Love Falls. As a rule, she keeps people at arms-length to protect them.

But something about the awkward McClintock twin intrigues her.

The girl is ten years younger than her, but Cory can’t seem to help herself when she’s nearby. Her carefully erected barriers begin to fall.

When the barn at the McClintock farm catches fire, the McClintocks hire Cory to rebuild and Tara is “nearby” a whole lot more. Sparks fly. But the women couldn’t be more different.

Will their attraction sizzle or set the whole town ablaze?

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