Lilith’s Fire

The Chronicles of Mahon, Book 4

By Brenda Murphy

Who will Survive the Flame of Justice?

It should have been a tidy ending. Lilith’s sword returned to her, Ebal and Ebronah sent to the abyss, but Mara and Reika’s plans for a long-delayed honeymoon are disrupted when Mara’s sister Ardat returns from exile.

Banished long ago for abusing her powers, Ardat has spent a millennium in the depths of the earth, forging a weapon powerful enough to destroy the future and the past. Twisted and withered from her time in the void, Ardat is desperate to return to her former beauty and strength. She seeks Seraphina, the infant whose life will restore Ardat’s body and offers to exchange the weapon for her.

Unwilling to sacrifice the child, Mara and Reika risk everything to protect Seraphina and save their world, no matter the cost.

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