Love in the Balance

By Marianne K. Martin

Real life has a way of sneaking up on you.

Connie likes men. Sure, she’s just dumped one, but she’ll find another one soon enough. Instead she finds Kasey. Who happens to be a woman, a lesbian, actually. Connie reckons they’ll be good friends, and she soon realizes she wants more.

But Kasey has already had her heart broken. Her ex-girlfriend turned out to like men. Kasey won’t take a chance on that happening again. And her friends won’t let her, either. Especially not Sharon.

If this is love, Connie has a lot of convincing to do and a lot of people to win over. Just when it seems like maybe she has, real life comes sneaking up again. Some people hate lesbians, hate them enough to kill. And it’s not obvious that the authorities care. Connie and Kasey and Sharon must each put their doubts to the side and work together to get justice.

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